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  • Hardcover
  • 48
  • Dream Dancer
  • Jill Newsome
  • English
  • 07 February 2020
  • 9780060009328

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Dream Dancer Free download ✓ 0 Ully illustrated story the triumph of Lily's perseverance and hard work will appeal to anyone who has ever longed to join the dance or to follow a drea

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Dream Dancer Free download ✓ 0 Lily loves to dance She dances everywhere and all the time even in her dreams But one fateful day Lily has an accident Her leg is broken and her dreams Dream Dancer is a story about a little girl who loves to dance but is one day injured Her grandma then buys her a toy that dances by itself to make Lily feel better She watches the toy dancer dance for almost a year until Lily s injury heals When Lily decides to go back to dance class she is scared and needs her dancing toy to help her remember how to dance Lily notices that the toy is already in the classroom and this gave Lily the confidence to join back in It took her almost a year to get back where she was but she was able to dance in the show The theme in Dream Dancer is that it is important to never give up on your dreams no matter what obstacles you must overcome When I read Dream Dancer I could feel myself feel sad for Lily when she broke her foot and couldn t dance but once she found the doll I could see the life come back in her She was able to put her love for dance into the doll and this reminds me that even when something doesn t go your way you have to look at the good things still in your life I would recommend this book because it shows how you must go after your dreams even when you are scared and unsure You can also rely on other people or items to give you strength in times of hardship This is a valuable lesson for children because this story can show them that no matter what they should chase their dreams

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Dream Dancer Free download ✓ 0 Of becoming a ballerina are shattered until a small wooden doll gives Lily the hope and inspiration to try to dance againA beautifully told and gracef Read at Storytime on April 11thTheme Just Dance